Rêve ta vie en couleurs
At a chance to be a pirate and call Peter Pan a friend,
Her face lit up, her sadness fled, and she ne'er looked home
She proudly followed Wendy, and she ne'er looked home again

Jade. A ridiculous monster. A child at collarbone. Hogwarts alumna. Friend to gargoyles. The queen of ice-olation. Aspires to be a daffodil in June.

Je parle français mais juste un peu.

Verse from S. J. Tucker's "The Wendy Trilogy"

no im p sure these were legit at one point in time, this is the only art that has anna w/ designs on her shirt cuffs and thats what the face character has too

I totally forget Anna doesn’t have cuffs in the movie, wow. So maybe you’re right? But I don’t know. Anna’s face is so copy/paste to me. As someone who frankensteins images together a lot, I can almost pinpoint what parts of Rapunzel were used.

And still doesn’t answer they are using this uggo shit on merchandise, even if they are real. Like, I can understand using concept art and stock images. But early renders? That seems way lazy.

I suppose for the sake of being ~correct~ in a sense, we should say “prototype” Elsa and Anna.

But here’s proto Elsa on the left and the final render of Elsa on the right:


And Anna has a proto twin too, but she doesn’t get used as much:


The images on the left came out late 2012/early 2013. They were considered leaked images until Disney came out saying they were fan-made renders. Whether or not that’s true, I’ll leave up to you. Because, yeah, I can see it as Disney trying to cover their asses, but I also refuse to believe they would even create such shoddy work. And these are literally the only images of the girls that look like this. None of the concept art renders (that we have) look even remotely like this. There are models of evil!Elsa which was part of the plot for a long time, and her face is the one we have in the movie, not this. And although early Anna was different than her final render, she still never looked like the image on the left.

Basically the overall designs are spot-on, the models are way off. It doesn’t even look like the girls.

What I’m assuming happened was that those images on the left were fan-made, and Disney bought up the image rights from the owner(s) so Disney could use it for marketing since the company owns those characters. And I have a problem with that because it means 1. Disney is probably paying these people (or this person) for using their false images or 2. Disney wanted to do damage control so bad that they didn’t care if they were selling a poorly rendered image to the masses which I think is cheap to do to an audience. But hey. It’s just good business.

I mean, yes, when these images were leaked, that is what caught my attention about the film and it’s when I fell in love with the girls. But now that we have so much better promotional artwork for Frozen, I wish they would dump these images by the side of the road.

I really have no concrete proof one way or another about what happened, what these images really are, or why they continue to use them, so if you don’t want to believe me, that’s ok. I’m just going off what I know of what happened publicly and what I understand of advertisement/marketing/branding.

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Dr. Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds Season 6 - JJ


get to know me meme: [2/3] favorite male characters - Spencer Reid

I don't know how to be anyone else

ravenandthewolf replied to your post: Shit. I would want those headphones so…

The fact that Disney still uses original promo Elsa for merch is so lazy I sWEAR

No, yeah. I thought that once the movie was out, for a few months, they would stop using her on merch since that’s all they used before the movie came out. BUT SHE’S STILL HERE.

Of course, it’s mostly on merch sold outside of the Parks or the Disney Store so generally I don’t care unless the product is something I would buy without that Fake Elsa.

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Anonymous asked: "what do you mean "fake elsa"?"

This uggo ho right here:

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Shit. I would want those headphones so bad, but they have Fake Elsa on them. I’m so mad because I’ve been wanting a pair of cute headphones for, like, a year. Ugh~ Stupid Fake Elsa ruins everything.

Shit. I would want those headphones so bad, but they have Fake Elsa on them. I’m so mad because I’ve been wanting a pair of cute headphones for, like, a year. Ugh~ Stupid Fake Elsa ruins everything.

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